Sabra Booth is an MFA graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and a BFA graduate from the University of Houston, Houston, Texas. She is a lecturer in fine arts at several local college and community programs in San Antonio, Texas. She lived in New York, for five years, teaching in the public schools and for several non-profit organizations, such as the Lower East Side Printshop. Prior to this, she was a nationally recognized exhibitions designer for the Ginzbarg Nature Discovery Center in Houston. Before attending graduate school, she was an assistant to Tamarind trained master printers at the Houston Fine Art Press. Early experiences on the beaches of south Florida and her present exploration of the Texas landscape affect her artistic vision. Booth’s studio practice offers interpretative observations of nature, while addressing complex ecological issues. Working in a variety of mediums, she uses drawing, mixed media, printmaking, and stop motion animation. Recent study abroad travels in Japan and a Fulbright Mid- Career Professional Grant to Finland in 2007, both have had a great impact on her work. These experiences led to further simplified forms. Natural objects are magnified and cropped until they become otherworldly. Like a 19th century naturalist, she often sketches flora and fauna on site. Design considerations are evident through the implementation of graphic line, negative space, actual texture, and limited color. Prints from actual plants with the collagraph technique enters some work. Reflections on gender variations within the natural world is another aspect of her research. Booth’s exhibition record is both national and international. She most recently was awarded an Individual Artist Grant 2022 by the Department of Arts & Culture, City of San Antonio, which will fund her project, Snow Shadows: Winter Storm Uri of 2021, opening in 2022 at Art Pace in San Antonio. Presently, she has an installation entitled, Walled Off, on display at the Valley International Airport in Harlingen, Texas. She was exhibited in the 2021 ABC No Rio show, CATACLYSM, in New York. In 2020, she had a solo retrospective exhibition, Hot Pursuit: A Visual Commentary on Climate Change, at Bihl Haus Arts in San Antonio. She will be collaborating with the New York Historical Society and Central Booking, a New York arts organization, on a project about the Brooklyn waterfront later in 2022.