"Portals of a People" by Sabra Booth.
Sabra Booth, Artist-in-Residence: Unesco World Heritage Site: Missions National Historical Park, San Antonio, Texas, 2019. She created illuminated prints using native plant samples, interpreting prehistoric human relationships with local plants. Also on display in the Visitor Center was a stop motion animation by Sabra Booth. The animation demonstrates medicinal, nutritional, and social uses of native plant specimens that we can still find at the missions today. Go to Special Projects: Portals of a People to view more images.

"Tinkerers & Thinkers" by Sabra Booth.
The artist chronicles her experience in the City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture's public art mentorship course. This professional development course is for San Antonio-based artists as part of the annual Open Call for Public Art Qualifications.

In the animation Slick, I examine the possible effects of the BP oil spill on the Gulf Coast. San Antonio-based electronic pop band, Hyperbubble, and Austin harmonica player, Daniel Kaplan, also contributed soundtracks.
Note: This is a clip of the original. Go to Special Projects: Slick to view more images.

The film Schattengarten use stop motion techniques with collage and drawings to create a flow of consciousness visualization. The soundtrack for Schattengarten is by NY cellist, Brent Arnold.